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202, 2017

Thank you, Foosackly’s

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Foosackly’s has been serving their signature chicken fingers in Mobile since the year 2000. The Foosackly’s franchise has now expanded to various locations throughout Mobile and Baldwin Counties. Mobile Fixture has watched them grow and is thankful for their business. To hear the story of how Foosackly’s started and progressed, watch this video.


1301, 2017

Groen Braising Pans and Tilt Skillets

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Reaching temperatures of 350 degrees in just 4 minutes, Groen braising pans and tilt skillets are the perfect addition to an efficient commercial kitchen. For regulated cook times with an even surface, we trust Groen Eclipse, who are leaders in the healthcare and university foodservice industry.

812, 2016

Pearl Ice Machine by Ice-O-Matic

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Considered the “People’s Ice,” these pearlized ice pellets are widely preferred by customers in the food industry. Mobile Fixture wants you to know that we will install the ice maker, and any other Ice-O-Matic in your commercial kitchen or restaurant today. Please click here to read more about the Pearl Ice Machine and contact us to order […]

1005, 2016

Thank You

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Our business continues to expand throughout the Southeast with storefronts and custom kitchen installations, and we have really enjoyed meeting and serving our new customers. We have been so thankful for the support they have shown to Mobile Fixture.

We asked how we could show our thanks to new customers and manufacturers, while introducing our business […]

1809, 2015

Pot and Dish Sinks: How to Buy the Right One for Your Restaurant

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Pot and Dish Sinks
Before buying a pot and dish sink, also known as a compartment sink, there are many steps to consider to find the one that best fits your needs. To get started, consider what the main use of the sink will be. Will you need to wash large pots and pans, or […]

1809, 2015

How good Mediterranean foods are

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It’s Greek to Me!

What’s delicious, ancient, contemporary and healthy all at once? The Mediterranean diet of course and it has science to back it up!

The Mediterranean foods have been around for thousands of years. Just so happens that the area around the Mediterranean Sea is the perfect growing environment for some really healthy foods. […]

1809, 2015

Sharp, Edgy and American Made Knives

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Sharp, Edgy and American Made

Any chef will tell you that their most valuable kitchen tools are their knives. Mobile Fixture carries many types and brands of knives. Their inventory and selection of Dexter knives is huge.

Dexter-Russell is the largest manufacturer of professional cutlery in America. This came about with the merging of […]

1809, 2015

Sandwich grill – a key to a great sandwich

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Panino Per Favore

Panini have become ubiquitous on the American food scene. As you might imagine, the “small bread” sandwich originated in Italy. Pane, bread in Italian, was often served with additions of meat, vegetables, and condiments and then heated. This became panino (singular) or panini (plural).

Although panini were first seen in the US in New […]

1809, 2015

Cambro-International – A Leader Kitchen Manufacturer

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Cambro-International Leader in Food Service Products

Cambro’s founders were two brothers in Huntington Beach, California. 64 years ago they wanted to build a high quality hospital meal tray. Once they did that, they went on to improve food services and products around the world. But the story doesn’t stop there. They have designed new methods of […]

1809, 2015

Espresso or cappuccino world! Don’t Wake Me!!

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Just hearing the words “espresso and cappuccino” gives me an aroma flashback. I can smell that spicy, rich, warm delicacy that seems to be everywhere. Where did that come from?

Back in the day, when I was a mere child, espresso was truly a foreign word. I suppose I heard about it in […]