202, 2017

Thank you, Foosackly’s

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Foosackly’s has been serving their signature chicken fingers in Mobile since the year 2000. The Foosackly’s franchise has now expanded to various locations throughout Mobile and Baldwin Counties. Mobile Fixture has watched them grow and is thankful for their business. To hear the story of how Foosackly’s started and progressed, watch this video.


1301, 2017

Groen Braising Pans and Tilt Skillets

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Reaching temperatures of 350 degrees in just 4 minutes, Groen braising pans and tilt skillets are the perfect addition to an efficient commercial kitchen. For regulated cook times with an even surface, we trust Groen Eclipse, who are leaders in the healthcare and university foodservice industry.

2412, 2016

Briquettes Steakhouse in Mobile, Alabama.

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We want to acknowledge Briquettes this holiday season for their wonderful service in Mobile, Alabama. For date nights, family celebrations, or just a great dinner, visit one of their two locations where they serve lunch and dinner daily.

Visit them online to read about what the community is saying about their food and service.

Enjoy this clip […]

812, 2016

Pearl Ice Machine by Ice-O-Matic

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Considered the “People’s Ice,” these pearlized ice pellets are widely preferred by customers in the food industry. Mobile Fixture wants you to know that we will install the ice maker, and any other Ice-O-Matic in your commercial kitchen or restaurant today. Please click here to read more about the Pearl Ice Machine and contact us to order […]

2811, 2016

Thank you, Orange Beach

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We want to thank our restaurants in Orange Beach, Alabama who continue to trust us with all their commercial kitchen needs. Orange Beach has become a thriving small community where new and locally owned and operated businesses are popping up monthly.  These small businesses understand how to accommodate large crowds and they appreciate the local […]

1311, 2016

Hobart Slicer – One of the Finest Kitchen Equipment

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Hobart is one of the finest manufacturers of kitchen equipment and the high-performance countertop Hobart slicer certainly lives up industry expectations.

You can learn more and see more product information and CAD drawings on the Traulsen, Hobart, and Baxter website.

Hobart Slicer, HS Series (For End Users) — Marketing (F40357) from Hobart, Traulsen, Baxter on Vimeo.

2510, 2016

Taziki’s Mediterranean Café in Daphne, Ala

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Mobile Fixture invites you to visit our commercial kitchen at Taziki’s in Daphne, Alabama. The kitchen is now open and serving fresh Mediterranean options at affordable prices. Dine in to experience a wonderful atmosphere for food and family. Carry-out is also available with a downloadable menu on their location’s website.

Learn more about the restaurant concept in […]

1110, 2016

The K Series Vulcan Kettle – Key to Your Perfect Soup Stock

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Throughout the lower portions of the Southeast, we enjoy our gumbo 365 days a year, regardless of temperature. However, with cooler weather on the horizon, we’re asking commercial kitchens if they know about the K Series Vulcan Kettle, which makes the perfect soup stock.

Review the product video below and contact us for more information.

2809, 2016

Taco Mama in Tuscaloosa – Enjoy the Famous Guacamole

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We enjoying looking back at the kitchens we’ve built over the years to see the delicious cuisine they’re known for. If you haven’t had the chance to visit the Tuscaloosa location of Taco Mama, we suggest you do.

Watch this video from the local dietician to see how they make their famous guacamole and the next […]

1409, 2016

Groen Eclipse – Regulated Cook Times & Even Surface

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For regulated cook times with an even surface, we trust Groen Eclipse, who are leaders in the healthcare and university foodservice industry.

Watch this product in action in the following product demonstration video below.

To inquire about healthcare and university foodservice design and installs, please contact us today.