Mobile Fixture’s Used Restaurant Supplies Offer “Green” Way to Cut Restaurant Costs

In this tough economy, restaurants and food service facilities often rely on Mobile Fixture to furnish them with exceptional quality used restaurant equipment, supplies and furniture that help them stay within their budget. Mobile Fixture is your best resource for new restaurant equipment. But it also offers a broad selection of high quality, brand name used equipment, supplies and furniture that promise to provide years of reliable service.

High quality used equipment and furniture from Mobile Fixture also offers environmentally conscious restaurants and food service facilities with a cost-effective way to pursue “green” business practices. A refurbished piece of equipment or furniture reduces raw materials consumption as well as the energy required to manufacture new merchandise.

Since 1927, Mobile Fixture has recognized its clients’ need to save money and protect the environment by devoting an entire division of our company to refurbishing and selling used restaurant equipment and used restaurant furniture. Highly skilled Mobile Fixture technicians restore pre-owned merchandise on site, guaranteeing the quality of each piece with a warranty.

Our used merchandise department offers:

  • A wide range of equipment including but not limited to sinks, work tables, storage units, ovens, ranges, warmers and griddles to refrigerators, freezers and prep units
  • Reconditioning and replacement of parts that do not meet our high standards
  • Refurbishing and cleaning

  • Inspections, thorough evaluations and quality-control testing before a piece is sold
  • A limited warranty
  • A showroom displaying reconditioned equipment
  • Professional delivery and installation
  • An ability to recognize and refurbish the best brand names manufactured by industry leaders